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Custom Work & Special Orders

Thank you for your interest in our Custom Work & Special Orders.  We are very passionate about bringing peoples ideas and inspirations to life.  With so many options available at your fingertip, what makes Whood Homegoods stand out from the rest?  

QUALITY FOCUSED- In a world that tends to produce a high quantity of goods rather than quality goods, we like to take a step back.  Taking a clients unique ideas and turning them into physical pieces of Art that will last for generations is our number one priority.  When working on client projects, that project is the focus from the time it's drafted, to completion and in your possession.  Attention is in the detail.  We strive to hand-pick the best quality pieces from our various suppliers so your pieces stand out unlike any others.

FAIR & HONEST-  As consumers, we've come to believe that mediocre service (at best), is actually acceptable and okay.  To us, that is completely unacceptable.  Many companies view the customer experience as purely transnational in nature.  The project is designed and built, inferior products and techniques used, they quickly move on, all in an effort to finish the job and collect the check.  We believe in a world where the builder cares deeply for and builds a long-term relationship with the client.  We do it right the first time, use the best quality materials available, implement the best techniques for the job, and deliver a superior customer service experience.  All while striving to provide you the best quality within your budget.

SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SERVICE- We believe a "No up front obligation" policy allows people to approach us with ease.  Custom work can be a hefty investment in some cases.  That is why we like to offer our unique "CUP & CONSULTATION" service to you!  The initial  consultation is FREE of charge and we even buy you a cup of your favorite coffee as we sit down and put ideas to paper.  Once complete, we can move forward on initial quotes for your project(s) or we can shake hands and part ways.  It's as easy as that folks!

If you would like to bring your ideas to life, contact us at brian@whoodhomegoods.com to set up a "Cup & Consultation" or stop by the studio at 1441 N 11th Street Omaha, NE. 68102.  You can also see what we've been up to on Facebook and Instagram.  We look forward to meeting with you soon.