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About Whood

Thats's right, you pronounce it just as it looks!  Put the emphasis on the "H" in Whood and you nailed it.  Whood Homegoods incorporates clean lines, simple designs, and various elements found in nature. Metal, wood, and plant life are some of the fundamental components integrated into each and every one of our products. Started as a side gig to pay down student loan debt, Whood Homegoods continues to grow through not only local support, but also through the constant support from his loving fiance and son. With over a decade of cabinetry and turn of the century carpentry experience, Brian Tipton has put new direction toward his craft. Our functional homegoods will last you for many years.  Like one of our products but want it modified to a smaller or larger size? We're more than happy to sit down with you and get your custom order dialed-in to fit your needs. As always, we source only responsibly harvested lumber, much of which comes from the Midwest!


Brian Tipton